🧩How it works

There are many of future utility but right now it will work with the main followings:

1. Lower Commission Fee

- Our Rune holders will be able to experience near-zero commission fee when etching, minting, transferring & trading Runes on our service.

2.Revenue sharing mechanism

- We will use our service's revenue to buy Rune in the market to pump the Rune price. It will also mean that the more transactions going through our service the higher our Rune price will likely to become so let's spread our service to the world together!

- That all bought Runes will be burned 🔥

3.Launchpad privilege

- Our rune holders will have chance to join Rune launchpad allowing loyal members stake & receive future Runes 🎉


We have plan to make this project more decentralized as possible. So there will be DAO in the future when everything's ready.

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