🪂Community Airdrop

How to get airdrop

65% of Rune will be airdropped to people who show us membership including the following actions:

1. Service Engaged Early Supporter Airdrop (Main Airdrop)

- Criteria: Etching, Minting, Transferring, Trading Rune in our Rune service

- The distribution logic will follow Bitcoin Halving logic, the more & earlier transactions you make, the more rewards you will receive.

- Imagine that when Rune is launched in Mainnet, you mint Runes you want & you will get our official Rune airdrop, for free!

- The exact eligible periods: TBD but the sooner the better

- 30% BOOST enabled for Runestone holders.

2. Pre-runes

- We etched a pre-rune to test the system on block 837926.

- All of these minted pre-runes will be fully convertible to official Rune with BOOST applied.

- Boost applied as the rule of this post: https://twitter.com/runebtcxyz/status/1776504393279709471

- The full list of holders can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bibblnRsW-ZKhhC2KEUQP9txgsnEt8h__i4jYolgiPc/edit#gid=1132873438&range=A1

3. Social Early Supporter Airdrop

- Criteria: Active members who often interact with our social accounts such as liking, and retweeting our posts in X (formerly Twitter), be active in our Discord channel. The more you engage with our social accounts, the more likely you will get a slot.

- Slots will be publicly announced for selected members.

- Check out our official X account & Discord Channel 🎉

- Checkout whitelisted members here: Link

4. More to be announced

- Criteria: Hidden

- To make this airdrop even more exciting, there will be more slots with hidden criteria to be announced

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