⚠️Risk Warning

1. Protecting Inscriptions

We will filter out your UTXOs that include Inscriptions but there is no guarantee. It's possible that the wallet you are utilizing might not manage inscriptions efficiently, which could result in the disappearance of inscriptions in the course of transactions. We recommend you use a wallet address that doesn't include inscriptions.

2. On-going unconfirmed transactions

If you have ongoing unconfirmed transactions that are involved with inscriptions, runes in another service, we recommend that you wait for the on-chain transactions to be confirmed or use a different wallet. Otherwise, there will be a possibility of losing the inscriptions from the ongoing unconfirmed transactions.

2. Atomicals and Rare Sats

Atomicals and Rare Sats are not supported at the moment. You may loose your Atomicals and Rare Sats when making transactions.

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