🛠️Minting runes

Step 1 - Head to our site

  1. Explore from list runes

    1.1 Going to our runes list page on Testnet or Mainnet

    1.2 Search your target rune

    1.3 Click your target rune Id to see its details

  2. Explore from rune name

    If you know your exact rune name, you can just go to the rune details page directly by entering rune name with the following format:







Coming soon ( Right before bitcoin halving event )

Then you will be able to see the "Mint" button:

Step 2 - Mint Rune

After clicking "Mint" button. You will be able to see a popup with Mint details:

Do the following steps, you will be able to mint your rune.

->Have your Bitcoin wallet connected (Currently we are supporting Unisat & Xverse)

-> Fill the amount you want to mint ( The max amount per mint will be set by default)

-> Fill the wallet address you want to receive rune (optional)

-> Choose the fee rate

-> Click Mint

-> Confirm transaction in your connected wallet

-> Your Rune is ready to be minted in the most secure blockchain.

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